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Cook Islands Shoot



Cook Islands Adventure: Scotty Pass

July 21, 2015

Have you ever wished to dip your feet into crystal, clear waters, lay underneath exotic palm trees, and enjoy your drinks out of coconuts? Our friend Scotty Pass, a well-known... Read More

Free US Shipping All June!

June 15, 2015

  Hey Cali Trend fans! What's better than being poolside out under the hot sun? Rocking your new and favorite pair of Cali Trend sunglasses!... Read More

Savannah Potocnik x Cali Trend

June 02, 2015

When we first met Savannah at the 2014 Finals of Links and Laces Golf Tour, formally known as Playboy Golf, we knew she would be... Read More

Brand Spankin' New

June 01, 2015

After countless hours of hustlin' to provide the best content and platform out there, hopefully we exceeded your expectations with this breathtaking experience! Get lost... Read More