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Name it, Claim it

January 05, 2016

You guys matter the most to us at Cali Trend. Seriously. From the awesome reviews you leave behind for others to the suggestions on new styles you... Read More

The Luckiest Thing You Could Find on the Beach

November 20, 2015

When this story cruised its way into the Cali Trend office, the team immediately dropped what we were working on to hear this mysterious and... Read More

Blue Blocker: Glasses That Will Change Your World

November 01, 2015

Okay so how many times have we wanted a pair of sunglasses that are not only fashionable but also effectively does its job? ALL OF... Read More

San Diego State Blowout

September 03, 2015

Over these past couple years, Cali Trend has earned it's mark on San Diego State's campus. We're stoked to be able to hook hundreds of students up with... Read More