Splash House Music Festival June 2016 Review
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When it's hot as hell in California, water is necessary. Veryyyy necessary. We're in a drought you know.
So what did we do? We grabbed our swim trunks, flabongo's, and favorite pair of Trends heading off to Palm Springs for a weekend we'll never forget. I'll give ya a hint. Imagine an exotic oasis surrounded by a crazy colorful fortress (aka our hotel) made for those who came to rage poolside, jam out to summer-vibed beats, and of course, splash around.
Welcome to Splash House!

Arriving late Friday afternoon, we scoped the scene and prepped for one hell of a weekend to come. We were fortunate enough to have booked a room at the Saguaro which had sold out within minutes of being available. After all it was the main pool that everyone dayged at.

The next day was absolutely nuts. Every single balcony on the inside of the Saguaro was decked out with the most absurd decorations, colorful streamers were hung above us creating a unique atmosphere, and the pool was packed with every pool floaty you can possibly imagine. I'm talking human-sized pizzas, jumbo yellow ducks rocking shades (they were definitely Cali Trend), and those notorious swans that every chick wants to take a pic on top of. Right outside the pool was green grass leading up to the 10 feet tall DJ stage that was tropically decorated, attached with giant misters, and pumped great vibes all day long. The next fews hours consisted of an endless amount of splashing, mini water guns that fired shots ranging up to 80 proof, and even dancing with a life-sized inflatable monkey for a minute (still don't where it came from). 

Inside Pool Party Action at Splash House 2016 Music Festival In Saguaro
Selfie On Floaty At Splash House 2016 Pool Party Music Festival In Saguaro Palm Springs
Dancing With A Giant Inflatable Monkey at Splash House 2016 Music Festival In Palm Springs

For the second half of the first day, we took a shuttle over to the Riviera, the other Splash House hotel hosting the music festival. As the scene transitioned with the night, it created an entirely new atmosphere. There was a massive stage right at the end of the pool with vivid purple lights appearing from the it while the poolside was completely packed inside and out. Jai Wolf held it down and built up the crowd for Justin Martin who absolutely had the whole crowd mesmerized. Having a quick break and some energy left, we shuttled to the Palm Springs Air Museum where there was an outdoor venue setup to play some late night beats. 

Whaddup Shades On at Splash House June 2016 Music Festival in Palm Springs Saguaro

The next day we prepared for Round 2 of this insanely awesome festival. One major perk of Splash House, besides being the best pool party of the summer, was being able to walk right outside the hotel room to the main day pool where all the action was. When we needed to cool down or recharge, we could easily re-enter the air-conditioned room. Where else could you do that?

By mid-afternoon of day 2, the main pool at the Saguaro was twice as packed as the first day. There were smiles across every face, favorite shades shining in the sun, and tropical poolside music filling the air. Everyone there was having the time of their lives! Following a similar routine as day 1, we went to the Riviera as the night focused in and ended Splash House with Odesza who had the whole crowd in synch and ended things with a bang.

Overview of Pool Party at Splash House 2016 Music Festival in Saguaro
Floaty Selfie #2 Pool Party at Splash House Music Festival In Saguaro Palm Springs
Life Sized Inflatable Zebra Inside Pool Party Music Festival Splash House 2016 in Palm Springs Saguaro
Shark Flipping Mid Air at Splash House June 2016 Music Festival in Saguara Palm Springs

The whole festival was an absolute blast and made my personal top favorite festivals of all time list. Definitely will be coming back to Splash House! For those who would like to have a similar experience, you're in luck. There are still Splash House tickets available for their event in August 2016. Their Instagram is also pretty on point.

We captured Splash House's highlights exclusively for your eyes.
Watch the video below!

The Bischoff Boyz Are Back

A long time ago in a place really really close by, there were two identical twins, Kyle and Cody. They looked the same, they wore the same brands, they partied at the same clubs, they drank the same beer, and they got with the same girls (I think). Everything was about the same.

Until one day, Cody started wearing Cali Trend sunglasses. He wore them cruising down to Malibu with the top down, he wore them during photo shoots, he wore them at night.. just cuz, and even wore them during rugby practice. Cody felt unstoppable and fresher than he's ever been. (He's also an OG Cali Trend model from back when we started up). Kyle just wasn't ready... yet.

Everything changed when we dropped the new Polarized Spectators in Smoke a few weeks ago. 

Kyle: "Yo yo yo, those Polarized smoke shades a tighttt!"

Me: "Yeah dude they're pretty tight."

Kyle: "I got mass smoke bombs bro we should light em up and throw those new Trends in there!”

Me: "Down! It’d look more dope with you wearing the shades though.”

Kyle: “I’ll definitely wear those new polarized smoke shades bro. Lemme hit up Cody to be in the shoot too.”

Cody: "You had me at smoke.”

And so we loaded up with some vibrant smoke bombs, found a dope place to shoot at in Calabasas, and lit up. As it got dark, the place we shot had color wheel lights turning our spot into an exotic outdoor nightclub scene.

Peep the pics from the shoot below!

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Top Pics From July

Summer in California is HOT which means these pics captured over the course of July must be FIRE. Or just really really cool to fight against these heat waves. Straight from our Gram, here it is!


The "Peepin' The Scene" Photo Of The Month

Peepin' The Scene

The Specs@kscvisuals


The "Stacked Up El Niño's Lookin Prime!" Photo Of The Month

Stacked Up El Nino's Lookin Prime!

The El Niño Squad


The "Cali Or Bust" Photo Of The Month

Cali or Bust

The El Niño / @sergejohnson


The "Freedom Awaits..." Photo Of The Month

Freedom Awaits...



The "Cruising The Pacific Coast" Photo Of The Month

Cruising the Pacific Coast

The El Niño / @gambezzzy


The "Ocean Waves And Fiery Shades" Photo Of The Month

Ocean Waves and Fiery Shades

The Spectators@bryantnix


The "Look Out- There's A New Lifeguard On Duty!" Photo Of The Month

Look Out- There's a New Lifeguard on Duty

The SD / @kconkss


The "Cultivated In California" Photo Of The Month

Cultivated in California

The Fusion / @sarahussery


The "Bring. It. On." Photo Of The Month

Bring. It. On.

The Spectators / @danny_juicebox


The "Sun Rays Make Saturdaze" Photo Of The Month

Sun Rays Make Saturdaze

The Hoots / @jennaberlin

El Nino storm on ocean

Every two to seven years California gets blasted with an occasional climate shift. Which means California's matchless weather would get a bit more... extreme. This year Mr. El Niño paid us a little visit. Being down in Southern California, we got hit with heavy rains this past winter and are currently getting slammed with sizzling heat waves this summer.

Being affected by this severe climate change and having just got in our cutting edge new square shaped sunglasses collection, we were looking for a name that matched its element of design. Thus, the flawless El Nino's were created for those who crave a change of environment and a daring adventure. Take a quick dive into the perks of these square shaped sunglasses and explore what makes them so superior.


The Moonshine / El Niño Sunglasses

The lightning struck Moonshine El Niño's are the lightest colored lens out of the four selects. For those who like to stand out with a pop of color and make a stunning appearance, these are the perfect match. To compliment the squared shaped form of these sunglasses, the smooth matte black surface gives your face the ultimate comfort it needs. Next time you go cliff jumping or exploring on a boat, take these bad boys with you. 




The Heat Wave / El Niño Sunglasses

El Niño is coming in HOT this summer! Only way to survive these heat waves to is find the nearest water source you can dunk in, turn up the AC (like wayyy up), or hydrate with your favorite drinks before taking off all your clothes and dipping in the ocean. Let's face it though, this is going to be an continuous battle on all fronts. If you can't beat the heat, you may as well join it. Plus you'll be staying shaded from those deadly UV rays. It's a win, win!

The Purple Haze / El Niño Sunglasses

Besides being a little bit darker than the Moonshine / El Niño's, these have the raddest lens. The Purple Haze El Niño's tends to give off a mysterious, elevated look. Watch people's expressions around you as casually throw these silky shades on. Not to forget the matte black frame finish takes comfort for your face to a whole new level anywhere you go.

The Smoke / El Niño Sunglasses

Like smoke in the air, these extremely lightweight sunglasses feel like you're practically wearing nothing. To add to it, the smooth, smoke reflective mirrored lenses with the unique square framed look on these sunglasses, produces a look that is not only clean, but very sleek. These are a must have for any sunglass collection. There's no better time look fresh and feel crisp. I would like that.




Name it, Claim it - New Collection of Cali Trend Sunglasses

You guys matter the most to us at Cali Trend. Seriously. From the awesome reviews you leave behind for others to the suggestions on new styles you would like to see, your voice constantly helps shape and influence our brand. Today, we want YOU to name this never before seen pair which is part of our new collection of wooden sunglasses! Let your creative ideas flow because the best name will be chosen.

Format: Lens / Collection

If your idea gets chosen, we will hook you up with the very first pair plus $20 to spend on our website!

Malibu Beach Hidden Treasure Found

When this story cruised its way into the Cali Trend office, the team immediately dropped what we were working on to hear this mysterious and exciting surprise that we couldn't resist sharing it with you.

Along the sunny coast of Malibu, California, Cali Trend fan Fred Wise was kickin' it with his buddies out in Zuma Beach. As they were throwing the football around, the ball flew right past Fred landing near the shoreline. That's when the unthinkable happened.... 

"When I reached down to get the ball, I saw a blue-green glimmer in the water. I wasn't sure what it was so I tossed the ball back and went to investigate the water. Lo and behold, it was a pair of sunglasses. Not just any pair of sunglasses, but a pair of Cali Trend sunglasses." - Fred Wise

They turned out to be one of our best-selling Polarized Northern Lights / Spectators! Wow, a beach that delivers polarized Cali Trend sunglasses right to you... Isn't that convenient. 

That leaves all of us to wonder, who lost them, how they winded up in the salty ocean waters of Malibu and if there are more out there. Hmmmm. Keep your eyes peeled next time your at a beach in Cali. You never know what you may find!

Share your own Cali Trend story  (in the comments below) describing your favorite or unique experience you've had with Cali Trend sunglasses!

By the way, he's been wearing that special pair ever since which can be seen in the selfie below. ;)

Fred Wise Found Cali Trend Sunglasses

Okay so how many times have we wanted a pair of sunglasses that are not only fashionable but also effectively does its job? ALL OF THE TIME. And how many times have we gotten a pair that fulfills this wish? NOT ALWAYS. Blue Blocker is a type of lens that has revolutionized the way we wear sunglasses. They not only look extremely stylish but also cater to the purpose of wearing sunglasses. BlueBlocker lens has fulfilled every sunglasses enthusiast’s wish by incorporating fashion, safety and effectiveness in a pair of sunglasses. Awesome right?

Only the best of the best material are used in making of these lenses to ensure that your eyes look fashionable and at the same time are protected from any mishap or any accident. The BlueBlocker lens is scratch resistant and break resistant. Which means if you will take Thor’s hammer and keep on hitting them, they wouldn’t break or scatter! These lenses also block 100 percent of the Ultra violet light and blue light as well.

When you have Blue Blocker lenses in your sun glasses, you can say bye bye to squinting and straining your eyes to see. This is because when you look through the Blue Blocker lens, objects in front of us look much sharper and clearer. Everything becomes more focused and sharper since the lenses have more focus on your retina (the focusing screen of your eyes). The reason behind sharper and focused objects is due to the blockage of blue light. This blocked light usually focuses itself in front of the retina and hinders the focusing of any other light. When this light is blocked, other colored lights will have more focus on your retina, hence making you see clearer and in a much better way!

Apart from safety and technology, Blue Blocker lens are extremely good-looking as well. They instantly enhance and augment your whole perspective on things around you. No matter what frame you choose to wear, they will look good! You will instantly notice the difference when you wear the Blue Blocker lenses and ordinary lenses. Trust us, you will never go back to your old lenses after you have worn the Blue Blocker lenses. Many sunglasses lenses don’t focus on the safety and focus optimization aspect but only on the fashion part. This is extremely dangerous and in the long run can harm your beautiful eyes! With the Blue Blocker lenses, you will be protecting your gorgeous eyes and at the same time look stylish and fashionable.

We offer a variety of Blue Blocker lens with unique frame styles. Be smart and choose the best for yourself! Tap your favorite pair below.


Magnum / Black


SD / Black Blue Blocker

Nightlife / Black Blue Blocker


Over these past couple years, Cali Trend has earned it's mark on San Diego State's campus. We're stoked to be able to hook hundreds of students up with the latest styles of sunglasses with a California vibe at an affordable price, allowing freedom for students to do their favorite activities and to #StayShaded!

As the hot, summer weather is still in effect, we saw an opportunity, grasped it, and went on an adventure... to East Commons. Setting up our weekly Cali Trend booth, the team came in stoked and ready to spread the trend further across campus! You wouldn't believe what happened next.

Wow, there had never been such an impacted crowd of San Diegans swarming the booth! As the sun was blazing, its UV rays were bouncing off new student's Cali Trend shades by the minute. Students were literally dropping their old pairs of sunglasses in the trash and buying new, stylish pairs of Cali Trend shades. We were barely able to replenish the racks of sunglasses before they were gone again! Our new styles were a great success and can't wait to see new & familiar faces at the Cali Trend booth next Wednesday in front of East Commons! 

Have you ever wished to dip your feet into crystal, clear waters, lay underneath exotic palm trees, and enjoy your drinks out of coconuts? Our friend Scotty Pass, a well-known Australian travel & ocean photographer & V-logger, just took a one in a lifetime trip to Aitutaki located in the Cook Islands, an island southwest of Tahiti, mixing business with a little bit of pleasure! Grabbing his passport, favorite camera, and collection of Cali Trend sunglasses, made his escape to paradise with Meaghan and returned with an unbelievable collection of photos. Check them out yourself below!









Click here to see more of Scotty Pass & Meaghan!


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