Splash House June 2016: The Best Pool Party Music Festival In California

June 01, 2017

Splash House Music Festival June 2016 Review
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When it's hot as hell in California, water is necessary. Veryyyy necessary. We're in a drought you know.
So what did we do? We grabbed our swim trunks, flabongo's, and favorite pair of Trends heading off to Palm Springs for a weekend we'll never forget. I'll give ya a hint. Imagine an exotic oasis surrounded by a crazy colorful fortress (aka our hotel) made for those who came to rage poolside, jam out to summer-vibed beats, and of course, splash around.
Welcome to Splash House!

Arriving late Friday afternoon, we scoped the scene and prepped for one hell of a weekend to come. We were fortunate enough to have booked a room at the Saguaro which had sold out within minutes of being available. After all it was the main pool that everyone dayged at.

The next day was absolutely nuts. Every single balcony on the inside of the Saguaro was decked out with the most absurd decorations, colorful streamers were hung above us creating a unique atmosphere, and the pool was packed with every pool floaty you can possibly imagine. I'm talking human-sized pizzas, jumbo yellow ducks rocking shades (they were definitely Cali Trend), and those notorious swans that every chick wants to take a pic on top of. Right outside the pool was green grass leading up to the 10 feet tall DJ stage that was tropically decorated, attached with giant misters, and pumped great vibes all day long. The next fews hours consisted of an endless amount of splashing, mini water guns that fired shots ranging up to 80 proof, and even dancing with a life-sized inflatable monkey for a minute (still don't where it came from). 

Inside Pool Party Action at Splash House 2016 Music Festival In Saguaro
Selfie On Floaty At Splash House 2016 Pool Party Music Festival In Saguaro Palm Springs
Dancing With A Giant Inflatable Monkey at Splash House 2016 Music Festival In Palm Springs

For the second half of the first day, we took a shuttle over to the Riviera, the other Splash House hotel hosting the music festival. As the scene transitioned with the night, it created an entirely new atmosphere. There was a massive stage right at the end of the pool with vivid purple lights appearing from the it while the poolside was completely packed inside and out. Jai Wolf held it down and built up the crowd for Justin Martin who absolutely had the whole crowd mesmerized. Having a quick break and some energy left, we shuttled to the Palm Springs Air Museum where there was an outdoor venue setup to play some late night beats. 

Whaddup Shades On at Splash House June 2016 Music Festival in Palm Springs Saguaro

The next day we prepared for Round 2 of this insanely awesome festival. One major perk of Splash House, besides being the best pool party of the summer, was being able to walk right outside the hotel room to the main day pool where all the action was. When we needed to cool down or recharge, we could easily re-enter the air-conditioned room. Where else could you do that?

By mid-afternoon of day 2, the main pool at the Saguaro was twice as packed as the first day. There were smiles across every face, favorite shades shining in the sun, and tropical poolside music filling the air. Everyone there was having the time of their lives! Following a similar routine as day 1, we went to the Riviera as the night focused in and ended Splash House with Odesza who had the whole crowd in synch and ended things with a bang.

Overview of Pool Party at Splash House 2016 Music Festival in Saguaro
Floaty Selfie #2 Pool Party at Splash House Music Festival In Saguaro Palm Springs
Life Sized Inflatable Zebra Inside Pool Party Music Festival Splash House 2016 in Palm Springs Saguaro
Shark Flipping Mid Air at Splash House June 2016 Music Festival in Saguara Palm Springs

The whole festival was an absolute blast and made my personal top favorite festivals of all time list. Definitely will be coming back to Splash House! For those who would like to have a similar experience, you're in luck. There are still Splash House tickets available for their event in August 2016. Their Instagram is also pretty on point.

We captured Splash House's highlights exclusively for your eyes.
Watch the video below!