Over these past couple years, Cali Trend has earned it's mark on San Diego State's campus. We're stoked to be able to hook hundreds of students up with the latest styles of sunglasses with a California vibe at an affordable price, allowing freedom for students to do their favorite activities and to #StayShaded!

As the hot, summer weather is still in effect, we saw an opportunity, grasped it, and went on an adventure... to East Commons. Setting up our weekly Cali Trend booth, the team came in stoked and ready to spread the trend further across campus! You wouldn't believe what happened next.

Wow, there had never been such an impacted crowd of San Diegans swarming the booth! As the sun was blazing, its UV rays were bouncing off new student's Cali Trend shades by the minute. Students were literally dropping their old pairs of sunglasses in the trash and buying new, stylish pairs of Cali Trend shades. We were barely able to replenish the racks of sunglasses before they were gone again! Our new styles were a great success and can't wait to see new & familiar faces at the Cali Trend booth next Wednesday in front of East Commons!