The Story of Cali Trend
California: We Have A Problem
Summer 2012 was kicking’ in and the Cali sun was blazing down on Los Angeles.

Matt, the soon-to-be founder, had been living in California his entire life and noticed one thing was obvious.

It’s absolutely critical to have a fresh pair of sunglasses to wear.

And Matt needed some. Badly.
….. But from where?

Not willing to spend $200 on designer brands, Matt bought a basic pair of $20 aviators from PacSun.

Not bad... until they broke two weeks later.

Where could you get dope looking, quality sunglasses without spending much?

There wasn't a place.

So why not create one?
Pursuit of Freedom
At the time, Matt was 17 years old, a senior in high school, and had no knowledge of how to create a company, yet alone a brand or website. Neither did anyone around him.

He never really liked being told what to do, playing it safe, or following rules which got him in all sorts of trouble early on, especially with the law.

He found by being your own boss, you're able to be in full control of your life allowing the pursuit of freedom that we all desire. Freedom to take risks you believe are true, freedom to pursue your own passion, and most importantly freedom to live life the way you want to.

Because if we let others control us and never listen to our gut, we'll end up living someone else's life, never pursing what we truly want, feeling trapped, and continuing to be unhappy with our lives.

Matt took that risk and adventured into the unknown.
Cultivated in Cali
Seeing the opportunity, Matt found a supplier and test marketed popular looking sunglasses amongst his friends.
Demand was solid! But now what?

With access to Google and fueled by inspiration from successful brands, a website went up & Cali Trend was created!

Being exposed to California's lifestyle his whole life, Matt saw sunglasses as the key to unlocking self-expression through vibrant lenses and unique styles which cultivated California's culture, lifestyle, and fashion into one element of design.

From just slanging a few sunglasses out of the trunk of a car soon turned into shipping sunglasses across 25 different countries bringing a bit of Cali love with each pair.

This was just the beginning.
San Diego Bound
Matt cruised down to San Diego State University to attend college and brought Cali Trend with him.

At first it was paradise. Sunglasses were high in demand, the weather was incredible, beaches were practically down the street.

However pledging a fraternity, being a full time student, and trying to grow Cali Trend all at once didn't exactly work out.

Cali Trend lost almost all the initial momentum that was built up.

But that didn't stop Matt.

Point of No Return
A couple years later, he had built back the momentum initially lost.
It was now peaking at an all time high.

The team was growing, we had weekly booths killing it on campus, and were in a dozen retail stores!

Except there was undeniable problem. School was really holding Matt back from focusing on Cali Trend full time.

For the past year he had been constantly stressed out and sleep-deprived trying to make it all work until he eventually burned out.

He needed to make a decision between school and Cali Trend.

He chose Cali Trend.
Trending Forward
Today Cali Trend has grown into a team of 10 dedicated employees.

Teamed up with hundreds of photographers to help capture California's culture with our sunglasses.

Thousands of sunglasses have been distributed across the US and has expanded to over 30 countries.

As a rapidly growing community, we are extremely passionate about helping you stay shaded with only the best looking California sunglasses while keeping prices nice and low.

Join the journey and help spread the trend below!